The founders of American Scissor Lift were partial owners of another high reach company dating back to the mid-Seventies. After selling their interest in that company and enjoying a brief sabbatical, the founders began assembling plans for a new high reach company in 1994, and opened their doors as Sacramento Scissor Lift in West Sacramento, California in February 1995.

The new company modeled their business to provide a high level of customer service and to excel at short-term rentals. The founders knew if they could do that well, the long-term rentals would be easy. With just three people American Scissor Lift began. Thrilled to find immediate success and numerous requests from customers, an additional location was opened in the Bay Area by 1996. Once again the Bay Area location experienced immediate success, just like our West Sacramento location had! We decided to change our name to American Scissor Lift to avoid confusing our customers. In 2004, we opened an additional location in Stockton and added our El Cajon location in 2009.

American Scissors Lift About Us


We have assembled a great team over the years here at American Scissor Lift, with many experienced industry veterans at each location. We continue to expand our business at a measured pace, and have a financially strong business, with over 1,300 machines to offer in our growing rental fleet.